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Dedicated To Higher-Than-Standard Customer Service

Willtech Services Ontario Canada is a Canadian business, dedicated to higher-than-standard customer service and satisfaction when it comes to product coding and traceability. We are continuously looking for better ways to provide superior service and quality equipment to code your end products. We specialize in coding both primary and secondary products with various coding information, including barcodes.

Repair Service, Parts, Supplies & Consumables are available for the following equipment:

Brand Types Serviced
8 Series - 82, 86 and 88
Evolution I, Evolution II, Evolution III, Evolution SC, Evolution HH.
Elfin I, Elfin IC, Elfin IH, Elfin II, Elfin IIC, Elfin VI series.
XL series (including High Res and Ultra High Speed), Triumph series, 37e series, I-Pro.
APLINK MR/MR2 735, MR/MR2 780, MR/MR2 1440, UV Cure Models.
Model U2, U2 Mobile, U2 Plus
Unicorn, Overture series, Patrion series, Encore, Series 2000 ink systems.

Other Services Available


We provide basic, advanced and specialized training programs for all the equipment we sell.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We provide preventative maintenance programs for all the printers and equipment that we service. This helps to keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency. We have programs pre-made for your CIJ printers or you can have one custom made for your specific application. We can help you determine what is best for you.

Parts, Supplies and Consumables

We provide parts, supplies and consumables for all printing equipment we service and sell. Most of which is sold at considerably lower prices than the OEM and all are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Applications