Parts & Supplies

We offer a complete line of OEM and OEM fully compatible parts and supplies for Videojet® and Marsh® equipment. This includes filters, batteries, regulators, nozzles, diaphragms, springs, check valves, floats, cap and stems, PC boards, power supplies, keyboards, ink lines, connectors, tubing, vacuum generators, solenoids, fluids low switches, ink valves and much, much more, usually at a substantial cost savings over the OEM.

We also supply 100% OEM factory supplied repair and maintenance parts for Digital Design, Inc. Evolution series printers, UBS (United Barcode Systems) MR and MR2 series printers, Sojet Elfin Series printers and Anser brand printers.

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ReDuRan Special Hand Cleaner is used to remove dyes, inks, etc.

Cleaning and Diagnostics Supplies

Curved tip syringes

Wash bottles